Behind The Wine with Valentina Passalacqua

Where in Italy are you from? Did you grow up in a wine family?

Why is organic or biodynamic farming & low-intervention wine important to you?

You are famously recognised for your glou-glou wines and 1-litre bottling approach, Is there any specific inspiration behind that or was it your plan all along?

At what point in your life did you decide that producing and selling natural wine was the road to take for you? Have you got any regrets?

What is the biggest problem you most often face in regard to domestic and international distribution?

Two Questions From Your Fans On Instagram

@rickjamesf : You have been making natural wine for 10+ years now and I am interested in finding out who is your favourite producer in the industry that you have discovered along your ten-year journey?

@guswawa : As someone who has a brand myself, personally I really admire your work and your branding especially. What was your thinking behind the Calcarius branding and was it Breaking Bad inspired?



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