Have Natural Wine Delivered To Your House This Christmas

Eoghan Neburagho-Gregg
6 min readDec 7, 2020

You should order natural wine through delivery this year because it’s an easy, efficient way to have good wine by your side for Christmas.

Just to top of the craziest year you have ever experienced, it’s Christmas in just a few weeks!

I know, I know, it feels like you were walking through the sunny park, on your daily bit of exercise in the first lockdown back in March and April only yesterday…time flies when your living amongst a global pandemic.

Hopefully, you’re not stressing out about what mince pies to get for the Christmas dinner or whether you should put up that God forsaken tree just yet, they can wait.

What’s important right now is the fact that your wine shelf is looking deflated, at best right now. And regardless, whether it’s your whole family coming over or it’s just you and your cat for the holidays this year — a fresh delivery of wine is crucial for the holiday season this year.

Here are five different ways you can get natural wine delivered to your house for this Christmas;

Photo by Natural Swill at Loose Cannon, Dublin City Centre

Preorder at Your Local Shop

Go to your local natural wine shop and pre-order exactly which bottles you’d like to sip on over the holiday period. The best part about this step is that you can get advice from the shop owner themselves on what to try and maybe what not to (if they’re at work that day).

Especially if you are a regular and you’re unsure what to get, the chances are, the shop attendant will know what you like and if not, they’ll find you something quite close to your desired taste.

So in this situation, it would be a simple case of going to your local natural wine shop, picking what and how many wines you’d like, and then placing that order with whoever is working in the shop that day.

Delivery shouldn’t be an issue nowadays since COVID-19 happened. Majority of independent food and wine shops have brought in to action a delivery system so they can reach out to all existing customers through delivery no matter what their postcode is.

Reach Out to Your Local Supplier on Social Media

Getting in touch with your desired wine supplier has never been easier in today’s inter-connected world – there’s WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram DMs, Tweets etc.

If you’re quite particular and already have the exact bottle(s) of wine in mind that you’d like over the holidays, reach out to your favourite supplier online and enquire whether they have the wines your thinking of in stock.

Photo from Pexels

This may not be your supplier’s favourite method of communication regarding wine delivery, but it’s the next best option you have (if for example, you can’t leave the house for COVID-related reasons).

This is a nice option to have as it’s a direct way of contacting them if you were looking to find out more specific details on the wines you want to have this Christmas i.e Are they in stock? Could they hold a few on the side for you? What vintage is best for drinking this year? etc.

Once you’ve done your enquiring and research, you can then ask your supplier (through one of the social media platforms listed above) to include those chosen wines of yours on the December delivery and then settle up with a payment!

Monthly Natural Wine Subscription

Signing up to a monthly subscription for natural wine is nothing short of fun and exciting.

Photo by Natural Swill at Lammidia Winery

Most businesses that do them have a payment cut-off point on the 7th of that month with delivery arriving 5–7 days later. The standard offering is 3–12 bottles in a case, but if you ever wanted more than that I’m sure they would have no problem catering to your desires.

But it’s not all fun and games, some places have specific wines and wineries they want to shift off their shelves for whatever reasons so they might not be the kinda wines you’re into.

So before signing up to one of these subscriptions I would highly suggest you do your research on the shop or supplier you’re about to commit spending £50+ a month with.

Finding out details like what style and quality wines they usually stock will make a huge difference for you as the drinker because you’ll have an accurate idea based of their reputation on what to expect.

Straight From Their Website

By far the easiest and most straightforward way to get natural wine online delivered to your house is from your wine shop of choice’ website. It’s as simple as going online to their website and heading straight to the ‘shop’ section where you will find every bottle of natural wine they have to offer.

You’ve shopped online before so I won’t baby feed you the rest of the steps on this one, it’s a piece of cake!

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

What I like most about buying wine from a shop or suppliers website is that they usually include a search bar at the top of their home screen where you can input any keyword related to what you’d like and the search results, similarly to a shop attendant or owner, will guide you along a path of tastes, regions and varieties best suited to your search as possible.

The search bar section will make your research so much easier and quicker, I’d highly recommend putting it into use.

Instagram Shop

Instagram has become a true part of our everyday lives, it’s a groundbreaking technological platform where you can chat with friends, followers or even celebrities in three different forms of communication; text, audio and video.

Instagram bring out new features all the time in correlation to making our lives easier and the latest feature they’ve introduced is the shop icon at the bottom of your IG home screen.

Instagram Shop Icon

Once you click on that icon it brings you to the Instagram shop where you can search for whatever type of wine you like from Californian Zinfandel to Red Pét-Nats from the South of Italy.

Your search results will provide you with pictures and shops local to your location that stock the type of wine you’re looking for. What you have to do next is tap on the posted picture of the wine you want, and it should direct you straight to the sellers website and Bob’s your uncle!

Photo by @no12nottingham on Instagram Shop

Act Quick!

I’m sure you know the shopping situation approaching Christmas by now, it tends to be the same every year – November flies by like the speed of light, you’re telling yourself “I’ll get them presents next week, it will be fine. Christmas isn’t for another 3 weeks!”.

All of a sudden, it’s December 18th, you’re present-less and more importantly wine-less…and that just can’t afford to happen this year, not 2020, we wanna end this year on some sort I high right?

So act quickly, refer to this article, and start buying your wine ASAP before your local supplier runs out of that German 2017 Pinot Noir you’ve had your eye on for the last two months!