How To Buy Natural Wine

You have no shortage of options when it comes to buying natural wine these days – Wine delivery, buying wine online, signing up to a natural wine subscription or even the ‘old fashioned’ way of going into a wine store and speaking to a pro.

Although, when you’re buying Natural Wine you’d be better off finding a specific wine shop that specialises in the almighty nattys. Most people who work in natural wine shops are diehard fans of the movement and would give you a lot more time of day with your questions.

So here’s the secret in 4 simple steps ;

  1. Find a specialist shop and talk to a ‘pro’

It’s really that simple.

Let’s dig into these 4 steps and walk through the process together!

Find The Right Shop & Speak with a Pro

Feel like you’re out of the loop when it comes to the natural wine movement?

Or do you just not have a clue where to begin?

Well don’t worry there’s a great solution to your problems -

To find a natural wine specialist shop and speak with a professional in the industry. These industry advocates truly love what they do and could point you in the right direction no problem.

You can find shops local to you by downloading Raisin – The Natural Wine App. All you have to do from there is setup your account, click on the shop icon bottom of your screen & enter your hometown, city, state or country.

Raisin will then give you a detailed map of the entire region you searched with pins at every location where there’s a natural wine shop, bar or even restaurants that stock the juice.

Raisin is your friend. Download Raisin – The Natural Wine App.

Search Internet For More Wine Than You Could Imagine

If you don’t consider yourself a complete nooby and truly enjoy natural wines made from organic grapes, buying nattys online could be the way for you.

The choice of selection here in the UK is not very diverse when it comes to actual shops and bars selling natural wine. Most places that supply natural wine are working off the same 2–4 suppliers nationwide due to the freshness of the natural wine movement in the UK.

This is a good problem to have for two reasons

  • It proves that the Natural Wine scene is still up and coming in the UK, which means there’s a lot of potential for success. This goes for everyone who is a part of the movement, from bloggers to winemakers and everyone in between!

Once you start searching for wines online you will be amazed by the sheer vast amount of wines available to you…

Firstly – you get access to hundreds of new and different natural wines you’ve probably only dreamt of drinking.

Secondly – you can easily identify just how natural the wine is that you’re about to buy with just a small amount of research on Google, Raw Wine and many other reliable research tools on the web.

What’s more, as things currently stand, you can’t tell a natural from a conventional wine simply by looking at the label, so the best solution, in the UK anyway, is to look online – Isabelle Legeron MW

Do Your Research

Recent studies conducted in America ’17 by the e-commerce foundation found that 88% of consumers pre-research their buys online before making a purchase either online or instore.

And buying natural wines online fits perfectly in that stat!

Buying natural wine online is a lot like buying a set of headphones online from Amazon.

Before clicking the order button, because the price mark is usually upwards of £25.00 (at least) you’ll tend to do some quick research on what it is you’re buying. You’d skim through recent reviews of the product, check how good previous models are doing years later in terms of quality & longevity, all that jazz right?

You’re about to splash out anything upwards of £25.00 on bottle(s) of artisanal, naturally made clean wines inc. delivery fees. That’s a lot of money to spend on wine for some people even if it is the purest wine ever produced, so you have to look at it as an investment in the finer things in life.

And like any investment in life whether wine or tesla stocks, you do your research. Research allows you to make some sort of prediction or at least allows you to create an expectation based on past performances as to how the investment might play out for you.

Trust Your Instincts & Make The Purchase

Once you are sure you’ve checked all the right boxes – trust your instincts and make the purchase.

It’s really that simple.

You’d be surprised how enjoyable this whole process is upon reflection, it’s an amazing learning experience where you will tap into so many different streams of knowledge regarding natural wine.

Once the wine arrives at your house, you crack it open and get a few mouthfuls deep. Only then will you know whether it’s for you or not.

You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it! And that’s okay. If you don’t like the wine you bought, the one that you put so much time and effort into with research, wine talk & endless snobby-as-fuck review diving, one thing willbecome clear to you ;

That bottle wasn’t particularly suited to you…

So simply, turn your focus to a different style wine or a different grape varietal and go again.

Went for the hazy, ten-year-old Sauv Blanc from the Loire Valley and hated it? – Go for a Grenache Blanc from Cataluña instead.

The amount of insanely different types of wines and grapes out there is pretty much endless, especially in the natural one world. You’re bound to bump into some wines you hate the smell and taste of and others that make you fall in love with them.

I’ll let you in on one final major secret when it comes to buying natural wine whether it’s online or in a shop in the back streets of Paris –

Keep your decision-making process simple.

Wine is simple. Life is simple.

It’s man that complicates, and it’s a shame!

Bernard Noblet, Cellar Master @Domaine De La Romanée – Conti, France



Natural Wine Blogger | Wine Advocate | Grill Cook

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