Joiseph Piroska 2019

By Richard Artner, Alex Kagl, and winemaker Luka Zeichmann

Eoghan Neburagho-Gregg
1 min readNov 20, 2020


Joiseph’s name comes from a playful take on the Austrian village in which they are from, Jois! It is situated on the mountain of Leitha overlooking an amazing view of Lake Neusiedl.

The Piroska gets its name from the Hungarian word ’Piros’ which means light red and is made from Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt grapes making the Piroska a delightful blended wine that I wouldn’t call a red or rosé, to be honest, it’s something in between both.

Fresh red fruit flavours are instantly what came to mind when drinking this wine, similar to juicy in-season strawberries – a slight touch of sweetness and very little acidity!

From what I could taste there was no tannin remanence even with the Influence of Pinot Noir grapes. It was super fun drinking the Piroska thanks to the slight bit of fizz to it.

Thanks to @iscawines. for the recommendation and thanks to to @joiseph.weingut for the very special wine!